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Nicola graduated from the University of East London with her Masters in 2001. Her first role in a private consultancy in London using both short and long term intervention started her career. Here she discovered her passion for supporting individuals through change and healing. With 7 years of dedicated work she embraced key areas of anxiety, depression, stress and overwhelm, women's health and supporting individuals through trauma and life crisis. Setting out on her own in 2007, she opened her first private practises within a multi-disciplinary team in Central London. This opportunity gave her another 7 successful years working with clients and in  2013, she moved away from private practise to concentrate on workshops, key note speaking and seeing clients for support with their life changes to larger audiences. 


Her first book was published in 2011 titled 'Reclaiming Happiness - Strategies for an Authentic Life and Greater Peace', which was followed by a contribution to ' Embracing your Authentic Self'. Nicola continued to give workshops, talks and host radio shows globally teaching about the pathway of change and supporting individuals with genuine care and compassion.

Since permanently settling in Australia in 2016  she has embraced working within the employment sector and private practise, with a passion for supporting individuals through anxiety, depression, ptsd, trauma and women's perinatal and postpartum health.

With 16 years of teaching Yoga and Meditation she uses mindfulness, breathing techniques and a calm approach to enhance her psychology practise.

Life Experience

As a mother who has lived and worked over the globe, Nicola  brings a deep understanding of life's demands and her own self care. She will be on her yoga mat every day and ensuring she embraces the balance of work and life. With a variety roles within the psychology profession she understands the role of an experienced therapist, along with the qualities of patience, compassion and care.




Bachelor of Psychology with honours 1999

Masters of Psychology - Occupational 2001


Completion of conversion to AHPRA -Australian Regulatory Body in 2018


Nicola believes in continual growth and learning within the psychology profession to provide every client with the best experience and the most effective strategies for change.


Nicola is experienced in counselling and can use various therapeutic approaches including Mindfulness, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, and Cognitive Processing Therapy, which is a trauma focused psychological intervention for PTSD.


Professional Memberships

Allied Health Practitioners Regulation Agency (AHPRA)

Nicola is a Registered Psychologist with AHPRA.

Contact Details for Nicola

Please Note Nicola is now practicing at Her Wisdom. 


To book an appointment with her  please send her an email .

 (please note there is no phone number for her practice) 



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