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Clinical Psychologist




Telehealth Appointments Only

As a registered Psychologist with Clinical Endorsement, I am committed to providing quality psychological support. With a foundation in evidenced-based therapy, I specialise in assisting adults navigating a spectrum of mood-related difficulties and life challenges. Every individual brings a unique narrative, a set of experiences, and personal goals. My role is to provide a space where these stories are heard, understood, and nurtured. Clients often express appreciation for the safe and welcoming environment I create, and describe my approach as warm, caring, and empathetic.     


My journey began with obtaining my professional qualifications from Bond University, where I completed a Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology) with Honours and a Masters of Psychology (Clinical). Completing my Masters in Clinical psychology means clients benefit from my postgraduate clinical training, further enriched by a two-year post-graduate supervision registrar program. 


After many fulfilling years on the Gold Coast, I embraced a tree change, settling in the beautiful landscapes of southwest Queensland. This move also brought about the evolution of my practice. Recognising the unique needs of those in rural areas, I've tailored my services to offer telehealth, ensuring accessibility and support for all, regardless of location. 


With several years of experience supporting individuals on their mental health journeys, I recognise that each person's path to healing is unique. This belief drives my integrative approach, where I combine the principles of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (including principles of DBT/mindfulness), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and EMDR to offer holistic and tailored care. These methods, grounded in robust scientific research, are complemented by my emphasis on building individual strengths, fostering insights into unseen influences, and honing practical problem-solving skills through a solution-based focus. 


I hold a special interest in women's health, late-diagnosed adult neurodiversity, and creating safety to heal from the various forms of trauma. I believe in the transformative power of understanding one's past, to shape a healthier present and future.  But therapy, for me, is more than just techniques and modalities. It's about genuine connection, understanding, and walking alongside you as you navigate the complexities of life.  


If you're seeking a dedicated professional to walk alongside you on your journey towards mental well-being, I invite you connect with me when you are ready. Together, we can embark on a journey of self-discovery, healing, and growth, while also enjoying some light-hearted moments along the way. 

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