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Therapy with Rachael, Clinical Director & Principal Psychologist :   

Initial Session:         $230 per 50  minutes before 4pm

                                                    $250 per 50 minutes after 4pm                     

Ongoing Therapy:   $210 per 50  minutes before 4pm

                                $230 per 50 minutes after 4pm 


Couple/Relationship Therapy:    $230 per 50 minutes before 4pm

                                                       $240 per 50 minutes after 4 pm

Supervision: Please contact for rates



Therapy with Nicola, Senior Psychologist: 

Initial Session:              $220 per 50  minutes after 9am /before 4pm

                                       $235 per 50 minutes before 9am/after 4pm


Ongoing Therapy:   $200 per 50  minutes after 9am /before 4pm

                                     $215 per 50 minutes before 9am/after 4pm  



Therapy with Steve Golding Psychotherapist & Counsellor

Session Fee: $110 per 50 minutes



Private Health Rebates

Rebates are also available for psychology services through Private Health Insurance funds. Please contact your Private Health Insurance fund for information about rates, as rebates vary depending on the fund and the policy you are on.  I do have a HICAPS machine in the office so I will be able to process your rebate on the day.


Medicare Rebates

Medicare rebates are available if you have a referral from your doctor and they have completed a Mental Health Treatment Plan. Currently, the Medicare rebate is $92.90 for a Psychologist and $136.35 for a Clinical Psychologist.


Work Cover Claims - QLD, NSW and VIC

There is no charge with an accepted work cover claim and a referral from your Doctor.  Being injured in the workplace either physically or emotionally can have a far reaching impact on your psychological health and that of your family.  Getting early intervention can help you to cope better, handle pain and return to living your life more quickly.   I have approval for Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.

Foggy Pier

Psychological Services Program

The Psychological Services Program is a government subsided program provided through the Primary Health Network on the Gold Coast. For people on a health care card there is no cost with an approved referral through your Doctor. Please note that there are set guidelines for this program and only your GP can refer, but you can talk them to see if you are eligible.

I have approval for :

The perinatal program which is to help mothers during pregnancy and in the year following birth with any issues that may arise.

and the suicide prevention/self harm prevention program.


Open Arms: Veterans and Families Counselling

Our director, Rachael also provides therapy through Open Arms: Veterans and Families Counselling.   Open Arms is a wonderful service which provides support for current and ex-serving Australian Defence Force personnel and their families.   To access their services you will need to contact them directly.  Here is the link


Rachael has a special interest in helping people who have been  in the forces.  Her father served  in the RAAF for most of her formative years.  This lived experience gives her a unique  perspective into many of the issues that defense personnel and their families can encounter.

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"The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind."

William James

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