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Week One

Week one in our new space has been lovely.

This week we focused on getting our waiting room and on getting my office organised. Plants have been moved in - Twin figs trees are happy at the front door and a garden has begun on the terrace.

I originally had the chairs in a circle in the waiting area, but noticed that everyone keep sitting in the lone chair near the bookcase so they could look outside. The bookcase has now been moved to the corner and we have created a new waiting space where you can stare at the blue skies and the mountain views.

I've started seeing clients and have opened my profile for bookings. Everyone has been just wonderful this week, with lots of great feedback on ideas to improve and compliments on our new space . Here are a few ..

"oh this is great Rachael"

"it's so quiet and tranquil"

"it's like a little oasis"

"now ... this is nice"

"this is better"

The phone has been connected and I have a receptionist to take all the calls and take messages for me. They can't make appointments on the profile as yet as I am still learning my new program and I'm not quite ready to hand over the access until I completely know what I'm doing ;)

We also have some signs and we managed to frost my office window this week so we have more privacy. The other offices will be done soon.

They will be more changes in the coming weeks. I'm still waiting for my new desk to arrive and a dreamy rug for our Mum and bubs' room.

I've also been enjoying being close to the beach. We had the super moon last week so I wondered down after work and took this picture as it rose over the ocean.

I'll keep you posted x

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