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The Therapy Spot is opening soon in Palm Beach!

Well, here we go. I signed the paperwork on Saturday and we get the keys on Thursday. Having my own practice has been a long term dream of mine and after a change of management at Saffron Street, it felt like the right time to spread my wings.

Being able to work at the therapy spot is going to revolutionize my work. We will no longer be limited to set days to work as I will have access every day! I think this will put an end to three week wait lags and me working long, long days so I can fit everyone in. It also means that my capacity to squeeze in another patient during the week will be a whole lot easier.

I plan to spend the first month moving my practice over to Palm Beach and making sure that it is running smoothly. Please forgive any little bumps that occur as we settle in.

I will be seeing my first client in the new space on the 31st October 2016.

PS - It's going to be great to go for walks on the beach every day when I'm at the therapy spot. Here's Blythe and Riley strolling along Palmy earlier this year

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